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  • Briefing Documents and Consultation Responses:

    • The submission by SAGS to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee Call for Evidence on the Community Empowerment Bill.
    • SAGS answers to Glasgows January 2014 consultation on its Strategic Development Plan
    • SAGS response January 2014 to the Scottish Government consulatation on the proposed Community Empowerment Bill.
    • Briefing Paper from May 2013 giving evidence and data supporting SAGS' suggestions for the updating of Allotment Legislation.
    • Seven key suggestions from the SAGS response to the CERB consultation exercise Sept 2012
    • Response to the Scottish Government's draft budget submitted in September 2012
    • A briefing document prepared for MSPs on the benefits of gardening and allotments December 17 2009.
    • Report on SAGS objections to the draft Glasgow City Plan
    • SAGS response to the Scottish Planning Policy Consultative Draft April 2009
    • Ten Year Plan developed in September 2008 setting out SAGS aims and targets for campaigning over the following 10 years.
    • A briefing paper on the potential contribution allotments could make to reducing an individual's carbon footprint.
    • A report by SAGS members showing how local food production, including production in gardens and allotments can help reduce climate change and preserve biodiversity
    • A briefing paper prepared to show how supporting allotments can help local authorities to implement targets and oucomes for the Single Outcome Agreement