The SAGS audit of Scottish Allotments was completed in May 2007 and the results published in the document Finding Scotland's Allotments. We now believe we have the most comprehensive record of the state of Scotland's allotments that is available. However we experienced some difficulty in gathering information and revealed a great variety of ownership and management patterns so it is very likely that there are still sites and groups out there that we have not yet managed to contact. If you have information which could help and is not present on this site please email the webmaster

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How to get an Allotment

The first step in getting an allotment is to find out about allotment provision in your Local Authority (LA) area. Select your LA from the box below to find out about contacts and the addresses of allotment sites. If you do not know the name of your LA check out this map.

pick your local authority:

If you KNOW there is an allotment site in your area and your local authority is not helpful then check the SAGS audit document to see if it mentions any extra site specific contacts. You could also email the sags secretary to see if SAGS holds a record of a site contact that is not in the audit. In the last resort the best advice we can give you is to stand outside the allotment site and grab the first plotholder you see and ask him/her who you should contact