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I am contacting you on behalf of the Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society (SAGS).

We need your help and the Secretary of the allotments site where you are on the waiting list has kindly agreed to forward this e-mail on to you.

The Scottish Government has updated all the legislation surrounding Allotments in the Community Empowerment Act Part 9. The Act comes into force next year and the Government are now consulting on the Guidance (the pain English explanation of the Act) that sits alongside the legislation to assist local Authorities on how to implement the legislation.

A lot of the provisions in the Act are aimed at compelling Local Authorities to increase their stock of allotment plots to reduce their waiting lists and will therefore have a direct impact on people like you who are waiting for a plot. In order to ensure that the new legislation is fit for purpose, it is important that as a prospective plot holder your view is also taken into account.

There is a document with questions for you to answer on the Scottish Government web site at this link:

The document headed: “Allotments in Scotland still under threat” that accompanies this e-mail includes the questions that will be most relevant to people on waiting lists:

  • Question 1: Offer to lease an Allotment.
  • Question 3: Duty to Provide an Allotment..
  • Question 6: Duty to Prepare a Food Growing Strategy..
  • Question 7: Duty to Review a Food Growing Strategy..

The document headed: “Have Your Say on Allotments” provides examples of the SAGS preferred responses to the Questions. Please don’t just cut and paste our points into your response, but put them into your own words to maximise their impact.

Thank you in advance for your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Ian Welsh

President, Scottish Allotments & Gardens Society: