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Preserve and Promote Scottish Allotments

The Scottish Government has updated ALL the legislation surrounding allotments in the Community Empowerment Act Part 9. The act comes into force next year and the Government are now consulting on the Guidance (the plain English explanation of the act) that sits alongside legislation to tell Local Authorities how they should implement the legislation.

The legislation will affect both existing plot holders and those on waiting lists for an allotment plot. It relates to determining the number of allotments to be made available and also to the regulations that local authorities can impose on directly managed and self managed allotment sites.

In order to ensure that the new legislation is fit for purpose, it is important that the Consultation receives a really big response from the allotment community. That way there is a good chance that our views will be properly taken into account.

The Government's consultation document can be found here . It should only take a short time to respond on line, and it is important that as many people as possible do respond. It is our one chance to oblige local authorites to increase and preserve allotment provision in the face of the pressures of housing and commercial development.

Questions 1,3,6 and 7 are of concern to those waiting for a plot, Questions 5 and 8 are particularly relevant to existing plot holders.

SAGS has prepared a couple of documents to explain the issues. A one page summary can be accessed here. A longer document with some suggested responses is here.