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You can probably go to your allotment!

The Scottish Government advice gives details of four reasons why you might be allowed to leave your home. For allotment plot holders two reasons could be seen as relevant.

  • Working on your allotment is an excellent form of exercise and could be your one form of exercise a day
  • Many people depend on the food they grow at their allotment. For them going to the allotment is how they obtain basic necessities.

The Scottish Govenrment has now released its long awaited advice on access to allotments. The advice can be viewed by clicking on this link. Essentially what it says is that it is a decision for Local Authorities and other allotment owners whether an allotment site remains accessible. It also reminds readers of the necessity for social distancing etc.

There are many factors to be considered. However in particular, most allotment sites are made up of standard plots of 250sq m and some half size plots. Provided plot holders are responsible and do not invite friends to the plot, then effective social distancing of 3m could be easier to implement there than on the public paths and walkways where non allotment holders have to take their outdoor exercise. Also it could be easier to gather fruit and vegetables safely than in a supermarket or grocery store. Restrictions may have to be introduced where sites have communal poly tunnels or tool sheds or toilet facilities or small raised beds, but the basic allotment plots, separated from each other by a small fence or path could provide a safe out door environment if used responsibly.

Local Authorities who manage allotments will have experienced allotment officers who will shortly be drawing up regulations suited to their sites. Our members on local authority sites should contact their allotment officer for information. To give assistance to independent allotment sites who may need to draw up their own regulations here are some links to examples that have been drawn up earlier, mainly in England where the situation was clarified about a week ago: