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Edinburgh Community Woodfuel Day

Description: Event organised by New Caledonian Woodlands:

Community Wood-fuel Days take place in some of Edinburgh’s Millennium woodlands and give local people the opportunity to extract wood-fuel to heat their own homes, while also playing an active role in improving woodland biodiversity and resilence. Lead by project officers, groups work together to thin and prune these juvenile woodlands. This creates more space for remaining trees and for shrub and ground layer plants to flourish. The extracted timber is then processed into lengths and shared equitably amongst the project participants to be split, seasoned and then burned at home.

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Location: Millenium Woodland Site, Edinburgh City Centre
Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017
Priority: 5-Medium
Access: Public
Created by: Public Access ( by Default Administrator )
Updated: Monday, March 20, 2017 12:26 GMT