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  • Useful Web Links:

    • Funding Scotland a web site collecting grants and funding information all in one place
    • Trellis, the Scottish charity that supports, promotes and develops the use of horticulture to promote health and wellbeing has lots of useful information about courses, events, funding and more.
    • Links to allotment strategies and management plans produced by Scottish local authorities.
    • Community Action Toolkit from SEAD including a very useful list of funding bodies.
    • FEDAGA: federation of Edinburgh and district allotments and gardens association
      Full of good ideas and essential information for anyone interested in allotments in Edinburgh
    • City of Glasgow allotment site
      This is that part of the City of Glasgow web site that deals with allotments. If you want to know about allotments in Glasgow or live in Glasgow and want to get an allotment then this is a good place to start.
    • National Allotment Gardens Trust
      a charitable organisation with aims that involve the promotion of allotment gardening to improve education and social welfare of the public
    • National Allotment Society
      a leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK, particularly in England and Wales
    • Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
      Scotland's premier gardening society and also one of its oldest; founded in 1809 "for the purpose of forming a society for the improvement of horticulture in all its branches"
    • Garden for Life is an initiative which aims to make biodiversity relevant to the public by using gardens, whether private or communal, as a context for experience, learning and action.
    • ASK Organic is a composting and organic gardening consultancy in the Scottish Borders. Their web site is full of excellent free advice, but they also run courses and demonstrate techniques at their own organic garden near Jedburgh.
    • Greenspace Scotland is an independant charitable company receiving funding from the government. Their goal is to ensure that everyone living and working in urban Scotland has easy access to quality greenspaces that meet local needs and improve their quality of life.