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Good News at Killandean Allotments Association

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Work has started on the land in Kirkton Campus leased  by Killandean Allotments Association from West Lothian Council.  It is envisaged that plots will be ready for renting by mid August.  This will be the first new allotment site opened in Livingston for 30 years.  The project will create 35 allotment plots and a community garden, thereby more than doubling the number of allotment plots available in Livingston.

The cost of initial site investigations and planning were covered by West Lothian council.  The actual creation of the allotment site including fencing, paths, sheds, community facilities, rainwater harvesting equipment and composting facilities has been made possible by a £100,000 grant from the Climate Challenge Fund

The Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society greatly welcomes the opening of the new site at Killingdon and the opportunities this will give to Livingston residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables.  We wish them every success and hope that it will encourage other residents in West Lothian to seek to have an allotment and ‘grow their own’.

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Beechgrove films new allotment site

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
Original Field

Original Field

Aden Community Allotments Association, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire was formed in August 2012 with the aim to create allotments and community gardens within the boundaries of Aden Country Park just outside Mintlaw.  It acquired a long term lease from Aberdeenshire Council on a 30 acre former farmers field,  In February 2013 the association successfully secured a grant of over £77,000 from the Climate Challenge Fund. There were still hurdles to jump, for example although full planning permission was not required, the design still had to be submitted to the planning department.

Plots with sheds

Plots with sheds

However in July ground work began to develop the field into 49 allotments ranging in size from 10m x 10m to 20m x20m.  Each plot is provided with a shed, compost bin and water butt. In December 2013 the allotmenteers were able to gain access to their plots.  Over the past three months the allotments have developed.  Every plot holder has their own unique way of managing their plots. It is enlightening to see so many likeminded people coming together, all from different backgrounds to help one another in any way they can.  There is still work to be done on communal areas including the community garden at the site entrance.

Beechgrove Garden visited the plots on the 27th of March for filming on the allotments. This episode (Episode 3) was broadcast on the 17th of April, 7.30pm BBC2.  It can still be viewed using iPlayer.  The Beechgrove team will be back again in May, July and September to continue filming.


For more infomation and lots more pictures see the facebook page. Aden Community Allotment Association (ACAA)




Allotments to open soon at Forgewood

Monday, July 9th, 2012
The Greenlink Project is based around a cycle path linking Strathclyde Park and Motherwell Town Centre.  In 2009 Greenlink received funding to start to develop allotments on a site in Forgewood next to the cycle path.  This site is now nearly complete and will be opened shortly.The site has 39 plots for individual plot holders and also a number of plots reserved for community groups and school groups.  There is also a play area for children and a wildlife garden attached to the site.

The 39 plots are currently all taken.  However the allotment association is opening a waiting list and anyone who is interested can look at the Greenlink Allotment Project web site to see how to join the waiting list.

Kirkaldy gets new allotments

Friday, February 17th, 2012

At last there is good news!  Two new community gardens and allotment sites have just opened in Kirkcaldy with a third, smaller site due at the end of March.  One site is at Glamis Road with 21 plots and the other is Ravenscraig Walled Garden with 44 plots. Fife Council are currently managing the Glamis Rd site while the Kirkcaldy Community Gardens & Allotments CIC (KCGA CIC), (formerly Kirkcaldy Allotments Group) manage Ravenscraig.

The Allotments Group finally decided to become a Community Interest Company, non profit making with a large number of members each with £1 liability should the group fold at some time in the future.  They now lease the land from Fife Council and are responsible for developing the 7 acre site with allotments, community garden, community orchard and various other areas still to be decided upon. The plots are now being allocated much to the delight of all concerned.

New Allotment Site for Nairn

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Funding of £39,000 has been secured to provide a new community allotment site in the centre of Nairn at Mill Road beside the River Nairn.  Matched funding has been provided by The Highland Leader 2007-2013 Programme which is part of the wider Scottish Rural Development Programme, The Highland Council’s Nairn Discretionary Fund and the Nairn Allotment Society.

Work will commence on the site as soon as possible to clear scrub, rough tussock grassland and root systems. Soil will be cultivated to create a manageable and plantable medium. A network of paths will be formed to give access to plots and all facilities. These will include a wetland area and other environmental areas planted with attractive shrubs and bulbs.
The site will be managed by the Nairn Allotment Society on a 21 year lease from The Highland Council. The Society maintains the Statutory Tenants’ List and Waiting List for plots. Work to form the site will be completed by the end of March, and plots have already been allocated to those on the Waiting List for planting at the beginning of the 2011 growing season.

Linlithgow allotments given the green light by council planners

Monday, January 31st, 2011
linlithgow allotment site Linlithgow and District Allotment Society (LADAS) have secured planning permission for Community Growing Plots on private land between Linlithgow and Philpstoun. Chris and Lesley Nock, who run Oakwell Children’s Nursery, have agreed to lease a field to LADAS for use by members. The land measures 1.15 hectares and up to 76 100m2 plots could be created.Kirsty Leonard, chair-woman of LADAS, said: “The field is in a very scenic position between the Union Canal and the road that runs from the Park Bistro bridge to Philpstoun and it has previously been farmed for arable crops.  There are plans to run the site in an environmentally friendly way with plantings of native shrubs and wild flowers to encourage birds, insect pollinators and other wildlife. There will be a communal hut where community events will be held with talks,demonstrations,produce competitions and barbecues being considered.”

There will be a chance to view the site on Saturday, February 5, from 2.30pm in the Oakwell Nursery where site plans will be displayed and committee members available to answer questions. Prices for the plots will also be discussed.  Non-members are welcome to come and see if they might like to join LADAS and take a plot for the coming season. The group are also looking for people to join the committee setting up the new project.

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Nith Street Allotments Opened

Saturday, July 24th, 2010
Cutting the Ribbon
Jim Leishman cuts the ribbon to open the allotments
Jim Tolson
Jim Tolson MSP with plotholders Laura Gardener and Tom Hutton
The new community allotment site in Abbeyview Dunfermline  was opened on July 17th by local celebrity and keen gardener Jim Leishman.Supporters, including Jim Tolson MSP and Councillor Mike Rumney, gathered to celebrate the opening.  Food grown in other existing sites was served to give all present a foretaste of the wonderful meals to come.The allotment site is managed by the  Abbeyview Allotment group which is part of the Abbeyview Forum and anyone wanting further information about the site should contact Ross Ridock on 01303This development was made possible by a big collaborative effort.  Funding was provided by Fife Council and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. The  Fife based work team of the British Conservation Trust of Volunteers (BTCV) gave help with clearing and preparation and the project was supported by a variety of Fife Council departments including the Fife Food Project, Parks and Countryside and Community Education.

Allotment Gardening in Fife goes from Strength to Strength

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Millar Cup at Gateshead Primary

The SAGS Millar Cup is presented to the children of Gateshead Primary School in Fife

Peter Duncan the new allotment officer for Fife has sent us a report detailing how allotment provision is leaping ahead there:  All existing sites have been assessed and works have been identified to allow an improvement program to be established. Work has begun on the Rosebank site in Cowdenbeath in collaboration with the association committee.  New fencing round the site and creation of 25 new plots is underway and toilet provision,meeting room and a storage building are in the pipeline. A community garden is being created within the site.  The site at Kelty is undergoing a clean up, caravan removal etc and all previously untended sites are being cultivated by the council with a view to them being re let.There are quite a few new groups are being formed mostly in the east part of Fife.  Peter is attending their meetings and helping them to set up.

Three planning applications for new allotments sites have been placed at St Monans / Kirkcaldy / Burntisland . To date two of these sites have been turned down not by planning but by elected members. However alternative sites in these areas have been identified and work is on going to bring them forward. There are also proposed new sites in Dunfermline and East Weymss area . The next step for Fife is to set up an allotments forum this will include site reps from existing sites and a rep from all the allotment groups that are looking for land .I feel that this is important that these groups are involved from the start. There is also hope that Elmwood College in Cupar can be involved with education on horticulture through the allotment sites.

Community Gardens at Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Really good news: Lothian Health Board have just released a briefing paper in which they indicate a firm intention to release unused land for temporary community gardening.  As a first step the board has identified up to 15 acres of land in the grounds of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital which they will allocate to community gardens over the next few years.

A community garden in this context means a combination of allotments worked by individuals and small groups with communal areas of grass and other cultivation for the amenity of the whole community. The health board is keen to involve individual local people, local community groups and patient groups in this initiative.

Slight down side: The land is eventually destined for potential NHS development or commercial use, so the gardens and allotments will be let on short (typically 12 month) rolling leases.  This will obviously impact on the type of crop that people will feel like cultivating.   However the health board intend to provide infrastructure such as tool storage areas, toilets, access roads and water so the groups and individuals renting the land will not have to find large sums for capital investment before they can even get started.

Would you like to Grow Your Own fruit and veg in Leith?

Monday, August 24th, 2009
As part of their ‘Dig For Victory’ campaign, Edinburgh Community Backgreens  Association in partnership with Edinburgh City Council are offering an opportunity to manage your own mini allotment, as well as learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables in Leith.Despite the time of year, it is never too late to start growing something, nor too late to learn what you need to do to begin growing your own local, fresh and naturally produced food.

New Community Allotment

An area of unused Council property near Dickson Street, Leith, has been identified as a potential community allotment site.   The plots at the site will be much smaller than at conventional allotment sites, but it is hoped that they will provide an opportunity to grow, for those on the Council waiting list for a larger plot, or those who may have limited time and energy and would prefer a smaller plot.

Probably the site can be developed with up to 40 raised beds, each measuring 1.2m x 2.4m (4’ x 8’), that can grow a useful quantity of valuable fresh salads, soft fruit and more. ECBA are inviting folks interested in the opportunity of managing one or more of these beds.

To kick things off, a weekly Grow Your Own course will be run at the site over a six week period from early September.  If you feel you could benefit from a course specifically aimed at growing your own food close to home, ECBA would be pleased to hear from you. The course is free, but places are limited to 15, so please call early to register your interest. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is  healthy, mentally and physically, deeply satisfying and helps reduce your food-miles!

ECBA will also give away a free raised bed to each person who takes part in the course!

To find out more or to register your interest contact:-Peter Upton, Edinburgh Community Backgreens Association.  0131 243 2698,