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Jerusalem Artichoke Problem

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

A number of years ago my allotment partner and I agreed that a corner down the bottom of our allotment would be devoted to growing jerusalem artichokes, on the grounds that they would provide screening and be no bother. I bought a pound or so from our local green grocer and stuck them in the ground.
Now every year we dig up buckets and buckets of the things. We never replant because we never succeed in clearing them out. I make soup with them and use them as a vegetable in stews – they go particularly well with rabbit – and there is one really good recipe I know of in Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Cookery Book for a jerusalem artichoke and shell fish salad. But mostly I give them away.
There must be a jerusalem artichoke fan club out there because my local greengrocer charges £1.49 lb for them (NO NOT Kilogram really a pound) and presumably somebody pays those prices. If any member of that fan club reads this article, please let me know (via the comments) of other recipes for using this vegetable.