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February at Lady Road Allotments

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

The big problem has been the rain and not being able to complete the winter digging. I only double dig one quarter of my plot each year and put in a load of shredded mushroom compost into the bottom spit. By the end of the month, digging for a maximum of three quarters of an hour each time I visited the plot, the soil being so heavy and I did not want to damage my back, I eventually finished what will be the pea, bean and sweet pea section.

I had to remove the parsnips and swedes, but they just got buried again in a clump and seem to be surviving. We had the last of the brussel sprouts at the end of the month. My wife stir frys them with garlic and ginger, absolutely delicious. The very small ones at the top of the stem I eat raw on the plot. The frost has kill off any bugs.

The red and white savoy cabbage have made it through winter though some of the savoys are a bit leggy. Too close spacing I suspect.

The perpetual spinach has been a revelation, never grown it before, but we have managed to cut enough for at least one meal a week all through winter.

I potted up the lavender cuttings I took last September. I did about thirty heel cuttings, dipped the heel in hormone rooting powder and put them in the cold frame. During the February gales the wind ripped off the glass sheet I use as the frame cover, so it seemed an omen to pot on. I have about fifteen growing cuttings which will replace some of the old lavender bushes which are getting leggy and the rest will go as swops to the other plot holders.

I’m storing my potatoes in paper sacks. We buy seed potatoes in bulk and the paper sacks the seeds come in make ideal storage. I put the three sacks one inside each other to give insulation against the frost and then store in my shed. Previous years I have stored spuds in a clamp but this way is far cleaner and works.

Volunteer Gardener wanted in Kirkaldy

Monday, March 10th, 2008

A volunteer gardener is being sought to take on the job of working a Kirkcaldy garden belonging to Historic Scotland. The current gardener is finding it too much of a burden due to ill health. He would like to know if anyone who is looking for an allotment, may want to take on this lovely peaceful garden, and grow mainly fruit and veg. You would be able to help yourself to the produce.
The garden, is at the rear of ‘Merchants House’ at the bottom of the high street, and is on a south facing slope. It consists of a grassed area, containing three beds for growing fruit and veg. There are keys (which you’d be given) for the top gate, and for the shed.

The current gardener, Iain Lee,  would be a willing helper, and there might be others willing to help. Anyone who is interested can either contact Iain directly – phone 01592 750314 or email – or leave a comment here or email the sags webmaster account with contact details which I will pass on.