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Peat Free Compost Campaign

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
Garden For Life  leaflet
Peat free compost leaflet
Why use peat free compost?  Multipurpose potting compost based on peat is versatile and easy to use but the peat in your multipurpose potting compost has to be mined from peat bogs which have taken tens of thousands of years to develop.  According to research published by the National Trust peat develops at a rate of 1mm per year, so a peat bog 10 metres deep has taken 10,000 years to develop. According to the Royal Botanic gardens at Kew in the last 50 years 94% of Britain’s peat bogs have been damaged or destroyed.Yet peat bogs are valuable and unique wild life habitats and also store carbon dioxide, which is released back into the atmosphere if the peat bog is damaged and the peat starts to decompose.Peat free compost is largely made from recycled garden and other organic waste which would otherwise be sent to landfill.  If you have a compost bin it is easy to make your own (free as well as peat free!) compost which is very good as a soil improver   Professionally produced peat free compost can be used just as you would use any other potting compost.Garden For Life, an initiative of SNH has produced an attractive leaflet promoting peat free compost that can be downloaded by clicking on the upper image, or by going to the SNH web site.

In March the Scottish government initiative Zero Waste Scotland is running a national awareness raising campaign to encourage the use of peat free compost products promoting the use of peat free and recycled content compost to plot holders. There are free ‘Peat Free-The Natural Choice’ leaflets for distribution among your group. You can see an example by clicking on the lower image. If you would like to be involved, please contact Isla Myles by phoning 01786 468780 as soon as possible so she can arrange to have materials to you for the launch week of 8th March.The launch will involve Local and National press activity and direct members of the public to Sort it to find their local stockist. By providing support to this campaign you will be helping allotmenteers to reduce their waste and protect the fragile eco systems which exist only in peat beds.You can get more information by visiting the Waste Aware web site.