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Allotment Forum for Stirling

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A Stirling area allotment forum is being set up by Alison Swanson, a local plotholder.  Alison would like to hear from any plotholders or person on the waiting list in the Stirling area who is interested in joining or helping develop the forum. “There are already successful allotment forums in other areas of Scotland such as Glasgow and I feel the time is right to start one in Stirling”, says Alison. “The forum would be a way for plot holders in the Stirling and surrounding area to meet and share news and it would also be a way for plot holders to communicate with the council and others. There are over 140 individual allotments in Stirling which amounts to an awful lot of expertise in local growing, not to mention the host of other professional skills and knowledge plotholders have. A forum would be a way to tap into this to the benefit all plotholders “. For further information on the forum leave a comment or email the SAGS webmaster