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North Kelvin Meadow campaign still struggling on

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

It is two months since the last post on North Kelvin Meadow.  Since then meetings have come and gone, and the council still seems determined to support development of housing on the land.

The latest disappointment is the luke warm support given by North Kelvin Community Council who, after a meeting on 2nd March in which participants were clear about their opposition to covering the site with housing, merely stated that they were ‘not convinced’ by the case for the development.

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign was particularly disappointed by the failure of any Glasgow City Council official to attend the meeting, and feel that as a result no one could answer their questions and so no true consultation could take place.

This campaign is of particular interests to SAGS members because the existing allotment sites in the immediate area have a waiting list so long that on present average turn over, it takes more than 10 years of waiting before being offered a plot.  An undeveloped North Kelvin Meadows, even if only partially used for allotments,  could be a valuable means of reducing this waiting time.

How Do Your Allotments Manage for Water?

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Once upon a time allotment sites were almost all provided by a local authority or a big land owner and the allotment provider arranged the infrastructure e.g. fencing, access and (very important) water.  This is still the case in our big cities – the  majority of allotment sites in Glasgow and Edinburgh are ultimately managed by the local authority, water charges are included in the annual rental and most plot holders have no idea of how much their water costs or how much they use.

However now we are living in harder times.  Many new allotment sites have been created on conditions which mean that, whoever owns the land, an association of plotholders has to take full responsibility for the maintenance of the site, including covering the costs of repairs and water charges from the rental charged.  This can be an extra worry for groups now forming and looking to form allotment associations and work towards creating sites.

SAGS believes that sharing experiences and swapping stories about problems can reduce the burden of worry.  So please, please could any newly formed sites that have learned how to deal with these problems let us know about their solutions.  Either submit a comment attached to this post, or send an email recounting your experience, that could form the basis of a new post on this site. If you don’t use mains water, let us know how you collect your water and how you ensure an adequate supply.  If you are connected to the mains, let us know how many stand pipes you have between how many sites, and how much you are charged for it.