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Allotment available near Dunblane

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

We have a lovely established allotment/veg patch plot on our farm 5mins north of Dunblane with 6ft by 14ft Greenhouse. We had some previous gardeners found from your website who are now giving up due to personal reasons.
Anyone interested can call Jane on 07788 862928.

Does your allotment need funding for a project?

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

The organisation City Farms and Community Gardens has just compiled a list of funding possibilities.  Allotment site projects could easily meet the criteria for many of them.  The big news is that the latest rounds of the Climate Challenge Fund and SRDP Rural Priorities are now open for applications.  However there are many other sources of funding, large and small, that could help your site achieve your dreams!  Click here to download the CFCG list as passed on to SAGS.  Please note that the deadline for some of these grants (marked as dl in the list) is very soon.  However others have no deadline, or a deadline that gives you plenty of time to get your application together.

As additional information Scottish National Heritage have just released a list of their new grants at  There are a number of categories, and some of them are suitable for small groups.  SNH are looking for applications from organisations whose projects are to start from April 2012.

Success in Tain on the allotment front

Monday, November 7th, 2011

A plan for a new allotment site in Tain in Easter Ross was approved by Highland Council on October 25.  The Tain Allotment Group proposes to develop a piece of land off Scotsburn Road, known as Croft Arthur.  They have been given permission to fence the land and divide it into 58 plots each with its own shed.  They can also build a toilet block and create  parking spaces and access paths.  The group already has a list of 40 people interested in taking a plot – even though the work to create the site has not yet started.  We wish them luck with the tasks ahead.

Scottish Environment LINK manifesto

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

As members of Scottish Environment LINK we have been looking forward to the Council Elections in May 2012.   LINK’s manifesto for the Council Elections “Acting Locally” is now available on-line at

It includes a request for more land for grow your own activities.  I do recommend it to any SAGS members who are involved in campaigning for more allotments in their area.  The LINK manifesto explains how the environment can be at the helm of local authorities’ policies even at a time of financial austerity