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Arbroath allotmenteers helping with a rare health problem

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Courgettes from Arbroath

Recently, Joe Gibb, of Arbroaths’ Brechin Road Allotments, was asked by a neighbour if he happened to have any spare courgettes. His first thoughts were that she wanted to make a pot of soup but no…….far from it!!!!!
The wee boy (aged 7) of a friend had been diagnosed two years previously with a very rare chromosomal disorder, Glut1 Transformer Deficiency Syndrome (Glut1-DS).  This child is the only person diagnosed with the disease in Scotland (and one of only 200 in the world). He is not allowed glucose, in any form, because he is unable to metabolise it. He has to use fats to fuel his body, so has to take 120mls of olive oil every day as part of a strict Ketogenic diet.

Research has shown that courgettes (and aubergines) contain no glucose, whilst nearly all other vegetables do (These which contain glucose would cause him to have diarrhoea++).   Warning-  Yellow-fleshed courgettes or squashes must be avoided.
To make the olive oil more palatable, his mum has EXPERIMENTED with courgettes cooked in various ways with the olive oil.(Cooks will know that both courgettes and aubergines soak up oil and flavourings like garlic) and he has shown no adverse side-effects.  He is also allowed Celeriac “chips” as this vegetable is really low in carbohydrates also.  Arbroath Allotmenteers have managed to rally round and provide her with three lots of 2-3 kilos of courgettes during September. Mum has provided them with various ways of “cooking” courgettes in return……Unfortunately we do not grow aubergines or celeriac in Arbroath!!