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Free Wildlife Gardening Workshops

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Froglife are offering to come to your community garden or allotment and run a workshop covering ways to design, implement and improve gardening practises that are beneficial for wildlife.

We will then support you to carry out a small project of your choice on your site such as creating a pond, making a wild flower meadow or setting up a composting system.

For more information and to register your interest in holding a wildlife gardening workshop please contact email Anna Muir at or phone 07805 655617. Workshops will be available from the end of this year. Interest should be registered as soon as possible

Climate Challenge Fund invites grant applications

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Seven projects involving local growing or food were among the 13 which received over £2.1 million of funding at the latest Climate Challenge Fund Grant Panel. So it is really worth while for Allotment associations to consider applying for CCF grants.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund provides grants up to £150,000/year for Scottish community groups to run projects that reduce carbon footprint and improve their communities. Community groups across Scotland have received CCF funding to provide community growing spaces and to promote the production and consumption of food which has a lower carbon footprint.These projects have also helped promote healthy diets and bring people together, allowing them to experience the mental and physical benefits of gardening.

Applications for CCF grants are invited for presentation to the CCF Grant Panel in June and September 2013. For information or to apply for a grant please see the Climate Challenge Fund website:

or call a Development Officer on 01786 468 779,
or email:
or pop into one of the Spring events attended by CCF staff.

The Climate Challenge Fund will be attending a number of events across Scotland in the coming months where you can speak directly to a Keep Scotland Beautiful Devlopment Officer about applying for a CCF grant.

Dates are detailed on the Climate Challenge Fund website:

Woodland Trust Offers Free Trees to Community Groups

Monday, March 25th, 2013

The Woodland Trust is offering community groups, youth groups, schools and educational establishments the chance to apply for packs of free trees for delivery in November 2013.

Whether groups are interested in helping wildlife; creating a community garden or allotment; or just want to enhance their local area – any community groups are very welcome to apply for our free trees. We have 4000 packs to give away and they come in three sizes – 30 saplings, 105 saplings and 420 saplings in various themes detailed below. You’ll find all the details at

This year we’re trying to help bees by encouraging groups to plant species that are beneficial through their nectar or pollen. Many of our packs are good for bees!