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Growing on Contaminated Land

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Every grower, in an allotment or a garden, would  like to work with a clean fertile greenfield site.  Sadly in an urban situation this is not always possible.  Much development takes place on brownfield sites, possibly used previously in some industrial context that has left a potential legacy of contamination.  The Grow Your Own Working Group established and supported by the Scottish Government has recently produced a booklet that discusses this problem. It

  • details the problems that can be caused by contamination .
  • tells you how to find out whether, and with what, your land is contaminated.
  • lays out practical solutions that will enable you to get growing safely in spite of the contamination
  • gives case studies of real examples where growers have overcome contamination problems

The Guide for Growing on Contaminated land can be downloaded for free here as a pdf document which can be printed or stored on your computer.