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CSGN Development Fund Launched

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

The Central Scotland Green Network has just announced its fund for projects to be implemented in 2016/17. The projects can start in April 2016 and should be completed by the end of February 2017.

One of the strands that will be funded is Community Growing: Formal or informal projects …. engaging local communities and encouraging the Good Food Nation ethos (that people in Scotland are able to buy, serve and eat food that is affordable, healthy and sustainable). They are looking for fairly big projects in this area – there is £100K available and minimum size of project is £10K, but a group looking to start up or regenerate an allotment site in the CSGN area may well be able to write a successful proposal.

To find out more about the grants on offer, to determine whether your project is in the eligible area and in general discover how to apply see their web site at

A little pot of money to help you learn from other allotments

Thursday, November 12th, 2015
SAGS members, and allotment groups who are considering joining SAGS,  can apply for money to fund a learning visit. The Scottish Community Alliance secured a sum of money from the Scottish Government for the use of its member organisations to fund a Learning Exchange and SAGS can access this. The idea behind the initiative is to help community organisations to share knowledge and skills through visiting each other. For example a new allotment group may wish to visit a successful established group and learn about the pros and cons of self management or an existing allotment group may wish to visit a voluntary organisation to learn about attracting volunteers…..The list is endless. If you feel your allotment groups would benefit and learn from a visit to another community group, allotment or organisation please get in touch. Similarly if you think you have useful experiences to impart to another allotment group and are willing to host a visit please get in touch. The money available would pay for travel, a little bit of subsistence and a host fee may also be available.  SAGS is keen for allotments out there to apply. You know what they say use it or lose it.
Send your contact details via the Secretary’s e-mail: and Alison Swanson the committee member dealing with it will contact you.