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Consultations for Grow Your Own Believers

Friday, August 30th, 2019

There are a couple of important consultations being held in Scotland where it would be great if allotment growers and other grow your own enthusiasts could get their voices heard.

Firstly across the whole of Scotland: The Scottish Land Commission is developing a policy of community engagement in Land Use Planning decisions.  The commission is seeking the views of individuals and community representatives about community engagement in decisions relating to land.  They have developed a survey and it would be great if many individual growers could complete this.  The survey is available on line at this link.

Secondly for growers in the Scottish Borders.  Scottish Borders Council is developing its Food Growing Strategy.  They would like local people to tell the council where and how they would like to grow their own food.  You can read all about it and access their consultation survey by clicking here.



Big Climate Conversation Community Fund Open for Applications

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

The Scottish Government would like to enable a nationwide discussion about actions to tackle the global climate emergency. To ensure that the widest range of views is represented in this conversation they are encouraging community organisations to hold workshops and contribute to the discussion. The Big Climate Conversation Community Fund will provide money for communities who need financial help. The fund opened on August 7 and will support workshops held up to October 31st. Grants can be for an amount between £100 and £300.

To find out more and to get support in organising the workshop go to This site can show you how to apply and also link you into the Scottish Government’s How To Guide.