January at Lady Road 2009

The cold wet weather does not allow much digging but I managed to fork in three bags of shredded mushroom compost into the salad bed.  This bed produces lots of lettuce, radish and is my seed bed so it gets special treatment.  The other job done this month is the annual weight survey of the produce from my plot.  Which can be seen by clicking here.

The link  is to a 12 month  snapshot of the produce from the allotment plot, from January 2008 to January 2009.

Currently I am harvesting:
Parsnips, Swedes,Spinach,Winter cabbage,Sprouts, Leeks, Desiree potatoes from store

The weights of the above produce will be included in next year’s survey. Also growing as green manure’s are field beans and grazing rye.

There is no wasted produce. I produce 4 gallons each of rhubarb, gooseberry and blackberry wine. My wife makes several batches of chutney and jams. Spare vegetables go to neighbours and when we visit them down South to our grown up children. Most spare produce goes to St. Catherine’s Convent Edinburgh who produce meals for the less fortunate of society.

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