National Trust for England to give land for Allotments

According to the Telegraph of Sunday 25/01/09 The National Trust (for England, Wales and Northern Ireland) a major landowner, has asked all its local managers¬† to consider land suitable for allotments. The charity is also asking older people to come forward to teach people the “lost skills” of gardening as part of a new initiative to encourage self sufficiency and healthy eating.

Government adviser Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University London, said the last time public land was given over to allotments was when parks were devoted to food production in the Second World War. He pointed out that the vast proportion of land in Britain is owned by one per cent of the population, meaning few ordinary people have access to land to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Could the National Trust for Scotland, also a huge landowner in Scottish terms, consider following this example?

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