Glasgow Herald Campaign of the Year Award

Watch this space for the results of the award, and photos of proud SAGS representatives living it up at the awards ceremony on November 19.

SAGS have been short listed for the prestigious Herald newspaper Public Campaign of the year Award 2015. This is recognition of the collective effort in which the SAGS committee with allotment Forums, Federations, Associations and individual plot-holders from across Scotland worked together on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill.  An effort in which everyone’s individual skills and knowledge was needed to respond to the numerous Consultations and then legal documents surrounding the Bill. The final culmination of an immense amount of time and effort was a concerted campaign involving the press and many MSPs to ensure that the unique identity of allotments was protected and that everyone who wishes can have access to an allotment plot of 250 sq.m. in a reasonable time scale at a reasonable rent.



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