Funding in the Internet Age


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Most allotment associations who need money for improvements, maintenance or whatever,  fundraise through open days and similar events or, if they need a large amount, approach funding bodies.  However in the internet age there is a third way, it is called Crowd Funding and involves reaching out to the general public through a specialised internet site, to ask for money.  The hope is that if the request is pitched right, then lots of people will contribute at least a small amount and the hoped for target sum will be raised.  Until now I am not aware of any allotment association using this method, but now LUGGS, the allotment association based in Ullapool, Wester Ross,  has decided to try this method.  They desperately need a deer fence installed and it is proving to be an expensive proposition.  It will be very interesting to see whether this works for them.  If it does, and I really hope it does, then it will be yet another possibility that can be open to any allotment association and could possibly save the trauma for allotment associations of filling out complex forms and trying to work out how to fit a worthwhile project into a funding body’s particular strait jacket.

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