Climate Change Act for Scotland

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act became law on August 4th.  (See This law sets a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  Part 6 of the bill emphasises ‘Public Engagement’ i.e. the government must identify actions that individuals can take to reduce their own emissions and must encourage and facilitate these actions. (See  To help with this they have created the Go Greener Campaign website which explains how they see individuals helping to meet the targets.
Members of SAGS believe that growing as much as possible of your own fruit and vegetables reduces the miles food travels and the miles you travel to buy it compared to buying everything at your local supermarket, and s reduces your carbon footprint. Yet the Grow Greener campaign makes little or no mention of gardening or allotments or ‘grow your own’.  We’d like to ask everyone who agrees with us to email the Grow Greener campaign organisation (address is and ask them to include growing your own food, and getting land on which to do this as a central part of their advice.

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