Possible Allotments in Kirkudbright

SAGS has just learned that at its December 2008 meeting the Kirkudbright Community Council agreed to determine the demand for allotments in the area (see http://rpu.dumgal.gov.uk/xpedio/groups/public/documents/committee_reports/019301.pdf).  There are some former allotments in the middle of a housing development with the land currently over run by Japanese knot weed. It is likely that, if the land was to be returned to its former purpose, grants would be available from SNH to kill the knotweed and then decontaminate the land.

SAGS would urge anyone living in the area who is interested in working an allotment to contact the community council and register their interest.  The community council is obviously hoping that interested people will form an allotment association and help to progress this project.

One Response to “Possible Allotments in Kirkudbright”

  1. Susan Williams Says:

    Further to the above On Friday 8th May, Kirkcudbright & District Allotment Society held its inaugural AGM where a constitution was adopted and a committee of seven elected. We have 14 paid up members (one off payment of £5) so far but would welcome more. At this stage the Society’s main purpose is to do everything it can to encourage our Regional and Community Councils in their moves for Allotment provision for Kirkcudbright. Dumfries and Galloway Council has already produced a report identifying possible sites but until they have a Regional Policy in place, which we have been told won’t happen before December 2009, we have been told nothing much can be done! The former allotments mentioned above are privately owned by a number of different households but as a Society we may still be interested in seeing what can be done, having some difficulty finding who owns what. Has anybody come across this sort of problem before? In addition to the afore mentioned allotments we’ve also had interest expressed from a number of private householders who can’t look after their gardens (for various reasons) and are wondering if the Society would like to take them on so we could do with knowing if any other Society has had these sort of offers and what are the pitfalls! Are there any examples of written agreements out there we could have access to? Any help/advice gratefully received.