Eco Loo Study

Those allotment sites who do not have mains drainage, running water and in particular flush loos might  be considering installing composting loos.  On the face of it, this looks like an ideal ecological solution, and now there are a number of commercial suppliers, and indeed web sites showing how you can build your own.  Some of these sites make you wonder why we don’t all use them.
Anyone thinking about this should look at a study completed by Forth Valley and Lomond LEADER Local Action Group.  They have made detailed case studies of the provision of loos in remote rural locations in Scotland e.g. Inch Cailloch  on Loch Lomond and produced a large detailed report on the benefits and disadvantages of various systems.  In particular on Page 18 of their report they have a series of bullet points detailing the problems and difficulties associated with the use of composting toilets in a cold climate such as that of Scotland.

They are looking at systems designed to cope with fairly large numbers – in the case of Inch Cailloch 15,000 uses per annum.  Things might work more simply and cheaply for a small group and also the problems of misuse are less likely to occur with knowledgeable and caring allotmenteers – but nevertheless it is worth at least thinking about the consequences of needing to care for a composting toilet before investing lots of time and/or money.

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