Nith Street Allotments Opened

Cutting the Ribbon
Jim Leishman cuts the ribbon to open the allotments
Jim Tolson
Jim Tolson MSP with plotholders Laura Gardener and Tom Hutton
The new community allotment site in Abbeyview Dunfermline  was opened on July 17th by local celebrity and keen gardener Jim Leishman.Supporters, including Jim Tolson MSP and Councillor Mike Rumney, gathered to celebrate the opening.  Food grown in other existing sites was served to give all present a foretaste of the wonderful meals to come.The allotment site is managed by the  Abbeyview Allotment group which is part of the Abbeyview Forum and anyone wanting further information about the site should contact Ross Ridock on 01303This development was made possible by a big collaborative effort.  Funding was provided by Fife Council and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. The  Fife based work team of the British Conservation Trust of Volunteers (BTCV) gave help with clearing and preparation and the project was supported by a variety of Fife Council departments including the Fife Food Project, Parks and Countryside and Community Education.

2 Responses to “Nith Street Allotments Opened”

  1. kath webster Says:

    Hi there
    I would just like to say that the volunteers from BTCV did not just give help with preparing and clearing – we did all the work for the site – including all the paths, fencing, gates, shed and water supply! A wee bit more recognition would be good!! thanks!

  2. Barbara De La Rue Says:

    I am the person who inserted this article. Basically it was a cut and paste job from the info sent to me by the organisers. Sorry you don’t feel they appreciated you, but that is them not me. Surely you should take it up with them – it is most unlikely they will see your complaint on this site.