Anti-knife legislation and allotment holders

The following query was sent as an email to the SAGS committee:

Do you have any advice for plot holders to remain on the right side of
the law regarding the recent legislation on knives? Knives are an essential tool to horticulture yet I’d expect an allotment site is likely classified a public place.

The reports I’ve heard are very strict in being locked up no questions asked for possession.

If anyone has any thoughts on this subject we’d be really grateful if they could be passed on to us via the comments section. My own immediate thoughts are that (a) if you don’t keep your tools in a shed on your allotment but need to take them through the streets each time, are you in even bigger problems? but (b) isn’t there something about ‘legitimate use’ in the legislation?

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  1. Sam Murray Says:

    Thought you might be interested to know this has come
    up with the Basketmakers Association just recently.
    The BA approached the Police and were advised that if
    members are carrying tools by hand or in a vehicle
    that they should carry their membership card as proof
    of activity, and carry a generic list of the tools of
    the trade.

    I have a meeting with a local community police officer
    next week about the potential of a plot of ground
    being used for an allotment/community garden in my
    area, and I’ll bring it up with him.

  2. Stuart McKenzie Says:

    Thanks Sam

    Since I sent the initial request I’ve done a bit of investigating myself.
    I’ve found a website – Britishblades (!!) with a list of questions/answers
    regarding the legal position. There is a lot of specific stuff but this
    seems to be a good summary…

    It may be useful to use with the community police to bring out the issues,
    which I see as:

    Most allotment holders will carry a knife
    It is likely to be a locking knife
    It is therefore illegal to have it in a public place ‘without good reason’

    Provided the ‘good reason’ is simply being an allotment holder we should be

    Further complication is that a car is classified as a public place and
    therefore can we store a lock knife there whilst not being used on the

    Meanwhile – I must get rid of a 14″ carving knife that I inherited from the
    previous tenant of my plot…

  3. sagswebmaster Says:

    This post, for reasons unknown, has generated a number of spam comments. It is old anyway so I have closed comments on it but if you have something valuable to contribute to the debate feel free to email me