Success in Tain on the allotment front

A plan for a new allotment site in Tain in Easter Ross was approved by Highland Council on October 25.  The Tain Allotment Group proposes to develop a piece of land off Scotsburn Road, known as Croft Arthur.  They have been given permission to fence the land and divide it into 58 plots each with its own shed.  They can also build a toilet block and create  parking spaces and access paths.  The group already has a list of 40 people interested in taking a plot – even though the work to create the site has not yet started.  We wish them luck with the tasks ahead.

2 Responses to “Success in Tain on the allotment front”

  1. w f milne Says:

    more good news for the highlands with this new allotment site getting the go ahead, just a shame the cromarty group can not get ground for a site as the importance of having ground to grow your own fruit and veg is a must for in the ever changing world we live in, to be able to learn how to grow our own crops gives us a lot of satisfaction, to be able to say that you have grown your own crops from seed that you have sown how cool is that, allotments are not just about growing they have lots of other benefits as well some were to relax and have some social time with other plot holders is one thing but their are many more reasons for having a plot.
    i wish them all the best with their new site
    happy growing

  2. sagswebmaster Says:

    Look at the recent Newsletter which can be downloaded at There is a precis of a speech given by a Highland Council official at the SAGS conference in it. It sounds as if the council is very supportive of allotments. If you would like contact details or further help do get back in touch