What Is Your Allotment Worth?

NSALG are conducting a test to try and put a number on the worth of an allotment. They are looking for volunteers – 10 from each region of the UK – who are prepared to record the weight of what they harvest from their plots, the amount they spend on the plot and the time spent working on it. The idea is to start in March of this year and get a record for a complete year. SAGS is keen to help, we already have some members who are interested, but anyone who would be prepared to do this please get in touch with us.

For interest here is the record of a year’s work on an allotment by one of our very experienced members. It is much more detailed than is required by NSALG as it shows dates of sowing and harvesting as well as the cost of buying the equivalent in a supermarket. Also it bravely shows the failures as well as the successes.

2 Responses to “What Is Your Allotment Worth?”

  1. Margaret Kerr Says:

    I may be interested in getting involved. Can I have some more information please?
    Margaret Kerr

  2. sagswebmaster Says:

    NSALG only wanted 3 volunteers across the whole of Scotland and they now have these people. However SAGS has decided to do a more open but less detailed survey ourselves. I am currently designing what I hope will be an easy to use spread sheet which I will put up on the web as soon as it is ready. ANYONE who is interested is welcome to download it and complete it as much as they have time for. We are interested in flowers and fruit as well as vegetables (after all you save carbon miles growing your own flowers for cutting instead of buying the ones the supermarkets import from Kenya)

    I think it will be really interesting to see the variety of crops that people manage to grow across Scotland in spite of our climate.