A limited source of funding

Is your allotment site in the area of Glasgow and North Lanarkshire? Is it within 10 miles of Greengairs Landfill site? Is it open to the public (at least some of the time)? If so projects on your site may be eligible for funding from Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd.(WREN)

This non profit making company has been set up to fund projects eligible under the Landfill Communities Fund which is fed from the Landfill Tax. It has a number of grant awarding schemes including a small grants scheme which gives awards of between £2000 and £15000 to projects lasting not more than 1 year.

In March 2015 landfill tax will be devolved to Scotland and scottish projects will no longer be funded after December 2016. However this means that there is still more than a year in which it is worth while applying for a small grant. It may also mean that WREN is keen to use up the money it has allocated for Scotland!!

For more information and to check if your project might be eligible click here to go to the WREN website.

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