March is here


Chives and tulips

Hopefully by now we are standing on the threshold of spring and the new gardening season. The days are beginning to lengthen and although it may not feel like it, the temperature is increasing day by day.  More importantly the longer days are trigger to new growth and you will find that with the help of little protection you can really go for those early sowings.

Sowing and Planting

Plant out first early potatoes as soon as possible and follow on planting out at regular intervals with the second earlies and first maincrops until the end of the month.  A little bit of forward planning: don’t be tempted to plant out more potatoes than you can protect from frosty weather futher down the line.

Transplant any early peas, beans, cabbages or lettuce you may have started off earlier. Sow the seed of brussels sprouts, summer cabbage, broccoli, onions and leeks in short rows on a nursery bed.  These will be grown on to be transplanted in April.

Rhubarb could use a top dressing too

Rhubarb could use a top dressing

Plant out onion sets, shallots and garlic before they start to produce shoots. If you are buying any from the site shed or garden centre reject any that are shooting. They will only bolt during the summer. Transplant any onions that were grown from seed sown last summer in rows. It is best to treat these as a sacrificial crop to be harvested and used from August onwards.


Complete any unfinished digging and winter pruning. Clear  old leaves from the strawberry plants and clean up the ground in between the plants before giving them a top dressing of general fertillsers.

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