How to get rid of potato plants?

A reader sent in this plea for help:
We moved into a house a year ago and the garden had been neglected for some time before we took over. We are presently planting grass but almost every day some old potato plants keep appearing all over the garden through the grass which is just sprouting. Can you advise us how to kill these plants off because we keep trying to get them out whole but usually the roots do not come up so they will keep appearing. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Any helpful thoughts on the subject (and I do not think that double digging the whole of their newly seeded lawn would count as helpful!) please click on the comments link at the bottom and share it with us.

One Response to “How to get rid of potato plants?”

  1. Jenny Mollison Says:

    I’m not usually a fan of recommending weedkiller. However, in this case I think it would be worth a try. However, it would be necessary to wait until the grass is fairly well established before zapping it with an everyday lawn weedkiller – usually used for killing broadleaved weeds such as plantain and dandelions in lawns. Meantime I think it would be best to chop off the merging potato foliage as and when it appears to give the grass a sporting chance. The alternative is to dig up each potato – by digging deeply with a garden fork, and replacing the grass as best and evenly as possible.