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  • Links to documents about the law:

    • Documents prepared by SAGS members in response to the Allotment Law Consultation April 15 to May 24 2013:
    • A briefing paper setting out the duties and powers of local authorities and the obligations of allotment plot holders as laid down in Scottish statute law. This paper has not been fully vetted by legal experts and SAGS cannot be responsible for any problems resulting from its use.
    • A link to information on water charges levied for stand pipes by Business Stream, the branch of Scottish Water that supplies non domestic premises including allotments. Note that currently allotments do not count as crofts or registered smallholdings. Also a copy of a letter from Stewart Stevenson MSP, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change, stating the government position.
    • A research paper prepared in 2000 by the Scottish Parliament Corporate Body with a clear statement of the statutary obligations of Local Authorities with respect to allotments, which seem to have been introduced in the Local Government(Scotland) Act of 1973.
    • Links to the actual statutes relating to allotment law in Scotland.
      Health Warning: these may cause brain damage to anyone without a legal training or background. The other links give you more user friendly information!
      Allotments (Scotland) Act 1950 ,
      Allotments (Scotland) Act 1922 ,
      Allotments (Scotland) Act 1892
    • A resume of the current state of the law relating to allotments in Scotland
    • references to the relevant documents
    • The COSLA Guidance Notes on Allotments for Scottish Local Authorities . Published in June 2006 this document clearly explains the social, legal and historical framework for allotments. It makes a number of recommendations for 'best practice' in Local Authority policies towards allotments and gives some case histories to exemplify how allotments can benefit the wider community.
    • A strategy document prepared for the City of Edinburgh
    • A research paper produced for the Scottish Parliament